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We Help Brands Engage Through Modern Media

Communication and engagement are number one priorities for successful digital marketing. Today brands have affordable, cutting edge digital marketing tools available like websites, mobile apps, and many social media platforms. The challenge is how best to use these tools to maximize communication with your existing customers and bring in new ones. What to communicate…how to communicate….when to communicate…these are the keys.

Today, no matter your size, your brand can be its own media marketing company. At Izzdo, we can help you craft valuable brand messaging, decide which platforms to use, and manage your posting schedule for maximum engagement.


The modern customer, fan, or follower is a sophisticated consumer and expects brand messaging to be clear, valuable to them, as well as cutting edge, or they won’t engage. Our professional marketing team can create value-rich content and ads with leading-edge video, images, and graphics for your brand.

A True Social Media Solution For Brands

The Key to Engagement is adding value while establishing a personal connection

Your followers want a clear picture of what your business offers across all platforms, with professionally written content and ads, cutting edge videos and graphics. Followers form a personal connection with your brand because they care about the valuable information and news your brand gives them. Izzdo helps you craft your cohesive branding communication across all social media platforms.

In the past, we’ve seen some businesses get off track and use their social media platforms for more personal posting rather than presenting their business brand. This is confusing for followers and leads to disengagement. When posting the important question is—does this post positively communicate my business brand and provide added value for my customer.


Social media platforms offer a powerful opportunity for your business to define and communicate your “brand” to your customers.

A Fully Managed Social Media Solution

Written Content

Our professional writers create custom, value-rich, blogs, ads, commentary, websites, notifications, conversations and scripts. Your message will be clear, enjoyable to read, and integrated across all your marketing platforms.

Images, Graphics, & Video

Social media consumers expect cutting edge images and graphics that perfectly communicate your message. Posting professionally produced and engaging video is now affordable and customers expect to see it. Your integrated marketing strategy includes content, images, graphics and videos across all social platforms.

Scheduling & Posting

Our team uses both calendaring software and staff oversight to manage each client’s social marketing schedule. We understand that people today are flooded with media. Our team relies on the “goldilocks principle” for just the right amount of communication on social media. Too many posts and people tune out, too few and people forget who you are.

Project Management

Marketing management involves more than social post scheduling, We manage the creation of posts and ads, meetings and check-ins with our clients, as well as, feedback on social platforms. We evaluate the results of all social marketing outreach and revise strategies as needed.


We work with you to create your ads with professional content, cutting edge images, video and graphics. Ad placement is determined by your budget, timing, and goals. Our team advises where to advertise, as well as, places ads for you. Once ads are run we evaluate the results with you and make adjustments if needed.

Outreach & Engagement

Each of our clients has unique goals in social media marketing: to continue to engage existing followers; to reinvigorate former followers’ excitement; to draw in new followers. Our marketing team works with our clients to select the optimum platforms, ad placement and social posts to achieve all these goals.

Tell Your Story Through Video With

Video should be the media type that everything starts from

Communicating with video is a strategy we love to include in a comprehensive digital marketing plan. Our team builds coherent brand messaging and uses video when it enhances communication with your customers. We do our own video production as part of the overall marketing plan. Hiring a strictly video production company can produce good work but it may not align with the overall brand messaging as effectively.


Every social media platform out there is moving toward video based communication today. At Izzdo we embrace this trend and utilize video whenever it is the best way to engage your followers.

We Help You Produce Amazing & Engaging Video

Professional Production

Today’s customer appreciates a great video – clear audio, crisp images, interesting visuals, and a compelling message. Professional grade equipment, our experience, and cutting edge software allows us to offer professional quality video to our clients at affordable costs. Future social marketing will fully focus on video.

Script Writing

We work with you to make a plan, prepare a script, and rehearse the video. Our professional writers work with our clients to craft a script that feels natural, draws in the audience, and delivers a clear message.

Talent Coaching

Many of us are uncomfortable in front of a camera. We have coaching tips to help make people comfortable during a recording.


Videos can capture one person talking, a band playing in the park, someone enjoying your product or service, and whatever you can think up. Some clients have a product to talk about where a model would make the video perfect. We have models we can call upon for special effects and subjects.

A Mobile App Is Your Platform To Deliver

A complete engagement, retention, and communication solution…we have an app for that

The increasing trend towards mobile technology will soon make it challenging to operate without a sound mobile strategy for both you and your audience. A mobile app creates a community that can capture indirect customer feedback and leverage customer insights for innovation. An effective mobile strategy requires much more than just a mobile-responsive web design. For a mobile strategy to make a difference, it must act as a unique social platform designed exclusively for you and your respective audience. A mobile app is a direct marketing channel that can remain visible to your customers at all times. It is a direct line to your target audience, unfiltered, and uninterrupted.


A Complete Mobile Communication Platform

Custom Design

Your Mobile App will showcase the uniqueness of your business and the value you want to communicate directly to your followers. We work closely with you to create content, blogs, photos, video, news feeds, events, and notifications, for your custom Mobile App “all-in-one” social marketing platform. .

Leading-Edge Platform

Your Mobile App is supported by our stable, secure app platform. This cutting edge platform already incorporates the best of today’s technology and is committed to bringing you tomorrow’s advances as they happen. As a Mobile App owner you receive the latest new app features at no additional cost.

Marketing Support

Our team is committed to your Mobile App Success! We are here for you with training and support for all questions you have. In addition we offer practical ways to encourage downloads and promote customer engagement. We are a full service marketing agency prepared to help you optimize your marketing efforts with advice, content writing, video production, ads, and outreach.

Turn-Key Solution

Many App Owners want to manage their app themselves, and some want us to manage for them. We are happy to offer our App Management services. From posting, to push notifications, to creating graphics, as well as managing rewards programs, we have you covered.

Our Team Helps You With

Our team of marketing professionals are fully committed to your success

Izzdo is a full service Digital Marketing agency. Our talented team collaborates on all areas of your account ensuring that you receive the full benefit of our combined experience and range of expertise.

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