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We recognize that it is now essential for brands to have an online local platform presence in order to maximize your audience. Facebook and Instagram recently announced that they have made significant platform changes to help give a stronger voice to local media. These major social channels have become hyper-focused on keeping users engaged with content that is from the city that they are living in.

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We use concise, creative, and informative storytelling that is designed for the digital generation and embraces innovative cultural advancement. Our team recognizes the effectiveness of using time-lapse video, speed ramps, B roll, and engaging still imagery in order to appeal to a modern audience. We incorporate data-driven design into videos and images in order to ensure that audiences are fully engaged and informed.

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Cinema-grade videography created with a marketing mindset

We produce videos that tell your story in a creative and professional manner. Our team will provide all the necessary tools that are essential for representing your brand. This includes a team of experienced videographers, models that suit your brand’s specific style and target demographic, and a unique story created by our specialized team of writers.

Our team will film and fully produce your video with customizable animations and royalty free music. Your video will be fully formatted for social media and optimized to maximize the success of your social media advertising campaigns.

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Our team creates videos that engage an audience and present an experiential perspective. Our socially optimized content is designed to be concise and descriptive, while also executing techniques that are proven to capture a modern audience.

We recognize that each social media platform uses different video parameters when presenting video. Our team ensures that your videos fit the required optics in order to ensure that all of your content is presented in the highest quality.

Instagram Story Videos

INSTAGRAM STORIES are one of the newest and most effective ways to engage an audience online. Instagram Stories appear at the top of the Instagram social media feed and are designed to give viewers a first-person perspective on what a brand or individual is currently working on.

These Instagram Stories have a strong organic reach and are excellent for engaging an audience on a consistent basis. These videos are maximum 15 seconds in length and are most effectively executed when they are quick and concise.

Instagram Stories are publicly visible for 24 hours but are available to be permanently placed on your profile’s HIGHLIGHT REEL. This Highlight Reel is typically one of the first content that new profile visitors view and therefore is highly important for representing your brand.

Instagram Stories are also excellent because they are available to be used as an advertisement, which includes a swipe up option that can direct users directly to new content that you wish to promote.

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The Key to Engagement is adding value while establishing a personal connection

Izzdo Digital uses concise, creative, and informative storytelling that is designed for the digital generation and embraces innovative cultural advancement.

Facebook has identified that their recent algorithm update is geared towards helping trusted news platforms maximize their audience in their community. Our team adapting the recent change by building a trust factor with Facebook by creating consistent, sourced, and high-quality online news. The result has been a massive increase in local organic reach. We have developed trusted platforms to demonstrate how to effectively and organically engage audiences. Below is a video that highlights statistics generated by our local platforms, while also addressing key elements of recent algorithmic updates.


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